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Our online shop is filled with quality books, products, services, and systems that we have researched and hand-picked. Our shop will help improve and balance your life in every aspect. We have made sure that each item we promote in our metaphysical store not only has great ratings, but also are recommended by others in the spiritual industry. Whether you are searching for books and products that offer personal astrology charts, mind power techniques, meditation guides, or even free love tests, we found them and are offering them all in one place. Enjoy browsing our online shop, and maybe you will find a book, product, or service that could change your life and assist you in your spiritual journey.
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Astrolead Astrological System

Astrolead is the astrological system that answers your questions and helps you make all the right choices regarding your love life, health, money, career, sexuality, relationships, and well-being by effectively using astrology. Astrolead is currently offering a free birth chart, a free love horoscope test, and a free copy of The 7 Keys to Your Future book.

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The Super Mind Evolution System

Learn about the power of the mind. With this system, you can pre-program your dreams to cure your mind and body while sleeping. Learn the secrets to attract new partners, quit smoking, lose weight naturally, reduce stress, improve your overall health, find the perfect job, and more using the power of the mind. Request the free Mind Surge ebook plus 22 powerful tools.

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Covert Hypnosis

Learn the secrets of how to control people's minds without their knowledge. Be able to influence and persuade people in everday situations.

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Future of Meditation

Meditation is very beneficial to your mind and body. Improve your meditation practice and reach the Alpha state with this revolutionary technology.

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Reset Your Brain

Remove the fear, negativity, and self-doubt that are keeping you from achieving your dreams. Reset your brain and change your life in as little as 7 days.

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Numerology is based on the mathematics of the universe. Receive a free numerology reading, and learn how to take control of your destiny.

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