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    I Ching is the wisest and oldest oracular system ever created. Dating back almost 4,000 years ago, this form of reading has been used through the years to give accurate readings. With 322,560 possible permutations that track a six-line yin-yang combination called hexagrams, which are made up of 64 different lines, you can get a wide variety of readings. Many feel this can be one of the most accurate readings in the tarot/psychic realm because of the large amount of permutations that can come out of one full reading. If you want an in-depth look into the past, present, and future, then I Ching is a very appropriate reading to be given. An I Ching reading can reveal things in your life you may not have ever realized, and it can also reveal paths of probabilities inherent in any future situation that you ultimately have the ability to choose.
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